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Prepare yourself to be elastic in this landing stage by keeping an eye on where the other players are skydiving to, and if you find them moving into your preferred location buy fortnite items on the way down then break , as it's going to get really messy upon landing otherwise. Your order of priorities upon landing should be as follows: Get from the open. Receive a weapon. Get amassing building tools.

One of the Fortnite tips I reside is waiting until the bus reaches the very edge of this map before jumping out. You're not as likely to bump into other people and will have a chance of getting some undisturbed loot to put you up for the subsequent stages of a match. Yes, you might have to travel a bit farther to get within the circle as the storm closes in, but it is worth it for that great opening setup.

When falling from the bus, you might have seen some other competitions pulling out their gliders later than you. How? Everything comes down to how high you are above ground - for example, your glider will start a lot higher over a mountain than it would over a lake.

So, choosing your route and approximating wherever your glider will open can get you ahead of your opponents to maintain that well deserved chest. Falling over a low area will allow you to start your'chute as late as you can, then in the event that you swerve over into a mountain or building you can land faster and sprint off on foot. Have a look at our detailed Fortnite landing manual for more help in this discipline.

Listen out for chests, as they create a magical tingling noise when you're close by and should comprise a minumum of one useful, higher degree, item and some of the best Fortnite weapons. Gear comes in six colours - learn them and you won't waste your time trying for a blue thing when you already have a set of purples.

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